Our Brand

Shopping in downtown Portsmouth, NH is a pleasure and you won’t find a more charming shop to wander into than Aster House. Located just off of the heart of town on Fleet Street, you will be welcomed inside to find coveted women's clothing brands that include premium denim, blouses, dresses, and sweaters; must have shoes, scarves, bags and accessories. 

Every nook of the store is layered with the hallmarks of the Aster House signature coastal country chic style. Handpicked contemporary furniture pieces are nestled with antique tables and chairs, and cozy blankets are draped beside custom throw pillows. Linen bedding is stacked high in an array of hues and patterns. From duvet covers, to quilts, pillowcases, and sheets. Get ready to entertain and decorate your dining table with vibrant block-printed table runners, tablecloths, napkins, handcrafted pottery and glassware. Or perhaps you’re off to someone else’s party! At Aster House you’ll find cupboards filled with the perfect hostess gifts such as hand-poured Aster House candles, available in signature and seasonal scents, a collection of artisan French soaps, or a rattan and glass carafe, perfect for a home on the seacoast.

We invite you to enjoy a day of shopping in downtown Portsmouth, NH and look forward to welcoming you when you visit us at Aster House.

illustration of a hydrangea lined brick path and picket fence

Meet the Founders

Randa and Emily bring their individual areas of expertise to the table to create the thoughtfully layered lifestyle collection that Aster House offers.


Our Story

Blue hydrangeas spilled through a white wooden fence framing a daisy lined brick path. Just beyond, a tiny, hidden gem of a store in a charming and weathered old house, brought the most beautiful women’s apparel and jewelry to the shoppers of Edgartown, MA on Martha’s Vineyard. It was here that Randa spent her summer days; minding her shop, and thriving as a top retailer despite being on a side street just off the heart of town.

One day in September of 2005 a local teenager named Emily, along with her grandmother, came into the shop. With Randa’s help, a wild afternoon of shopping and laughter ensued. By the end of the day, Randa offered Emily a job, and both Emily and grandmother left with far too many shopping bags. 

Over the following 5 years, Randa and Emily found they worked incredibly well together. Emily quickly became the store manager and under Randa’s guidance, her natural inclination toward retail sales and merchandising flourished. In turn, Randa found someone she could rely on, which allowed her time to enjoy with her husband and two young boys. 

In 2010, Randa sold the shop and left the island to be closer to family on the seacoast of New Hampshire. Emily moved to Boston full time after graduating college and eventually started her own family. The camaraderie and formative moments of those summer days on the island working together have never been matched.

In the spring of 2022, Randa and Emily reconnected over social media, at a moment when each felt something was missing from their lives and careers. Emily had been toying with the idea of opening a retail and design space, but knew she needed a partner to rely on so she could enjoy time with her husband and two young boys. Randa had pursued goals outside of retail, and with her own boys primed to leave the nest, was feeling ready to take ownership of something new. When Emily presented the opportunity to go into business together, it felt kismet.

In the following months, we rediscovered the synergy we enjoyed in the past; and perhaps more importantly, we learned that the individual skills each of us developed over the years were perfect complements to the other. An exciting collaborative process was born and from it, Aster House.

-Emily and Randa